Webmasters and SEOs have been in despair ever since Google unleashed a series of algorithms link Penguin and manual penalties to fight against what it deems spamming the search results.  All the easy methods of link building are dead. Google has consistently maintained it wants to show the most relevant […]

Synergize your Link Building and Content Marketing

Facebook used to be the focus of social media marketers. Companies spent money to acquire fans for the Facebook Page. Now the dream run is over. From the beginning  of 2014 businesses noticed the organic reach of their posts had fallen to single digits. The criticism started mounting, forcing Facebook […]

Facebook has killed Page as a marketing tool

No, this is not a joke. Mass negative SEO extortion emails being sent to website owners, webmasters have been reported recently. The emails claim that the sender will destroy the site’s ranking in Google and other search engines if the website owner does not pay up $1,500 to the diabolical […]

How to Respond to Negative SEO Extortion Email

Google rolls out My Business Have you lost your Places for Business listing? Google announced on 11 June the launch of new platform for SMBs. The new Google My Business is supposed to make getting found online easier for local businesses as well as brands. It is a unified interface […]

Google rolls out My Business

It was always a big challenge of what to feature on your website homepage, what keywords to target, should it have links to all important pages, and what about latest blog posts, and so on. The traditional approach has to been to target homepage for most important keywords, and feature […]

How to design your Homepage for 2014 and beyond

SEO, or search engine optimization should be the most important component of your internet marketing strategy. While email marketing and internet advertising (Pay-per-click) can usually be handled in-house, SEO can be technical and is best outsourced to a SEO services company. Unsolicited emails and PPC Ads are ‘interruption marketing’ : […]

How to Choose the Right SEO Company