Monthly Archives: November 2010 is largely abandoning the search engine effort and will now become a question-and-answer service.  The e-commerce company IAC/InterActiveCorp, which had paid $1.85 billion in 2005 for and then invested heavily to make the search engine more competitive against Google. With this change in strategy,  will avoid competing […] abandons competitive Internet search space

New Integrated Google Search : Local  + Organic Results Google has started rolling out its new SERP which has Google place search  integrated with organic results. It has started with Google Chrome browser, and has now rolled out to other browsers including Firefox and in several countries. Up to now, […]

Techniques for Local SEO in 2010 2011

One of the key SEO factors to rank high in SERP is content.  The page should have compelling, high quality content  that not only attracts interest, but motivates visitors to link to the page and share the link through social media plug-ins like digg, facebook, Delicious. One of the ways […]

SEO using synonyms and google tilde operator

In April 2010, Facook announced three social plugins: Like, Activity and Recommendations plug ins, Open Graph Protocol, and Graph API. Facebook “Liked By Your Friends” feature is now integrated into Bing organic search results. To see the integration at work, you have to be logged into your facebook account.  When […]

Bing Search now leverages Facebook’s Social Data